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Amy Ione. Best known as an international lecturer, a painter, and a writer, Amy Ione has been exploring discovery, creativity, innovation, invention, and historical challenges in art and science for over twenty-five years. Presently she is the Director of The Diatrope Institute based in Berkeley, California. The Diatrope Institutes disseminates information and engages in research related to art, science and visual studies.  Ione lectures throughout the world on these topics and her academic studies in these areas have been widely published in the books and journals of several disciplines including Trends in Cognitive Science, The Encyclopedia of Creativity, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies.  Prior to assuming her current position Ione consulted with a number of organizations, including the San Francisco Exploratorium, The Bay Area Consortium for the Visual Arts, and the University of California, Berkeley Extension.  In addition, she has taught the history of science on the university level and served on the Board of Directors of the Northern California chapter of Artists Equity Association.  Ione’s artwork has been commissioned by the City of San Francisco, exhibited internationally, and is found in many collections.