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Michael Punt is Professor Art and Technology and director of Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth and is also Editor-in-Chief of Leonardo Reviews. He has made 15 films and published over eighty articles on cinema and digital media in the last decade. He gained his PhD at the University of Amsterdam (Early Cinema and the Technological Imaginary, 2000) and has published over articles on cinema history and digital technology for The Velvet Light Trap, Leonardo, Design Issues and Convergence. His most recent book: Screening Consciousness: Cinema Mind World Rodopi, 2006 edited with Robert Pepperell follows their earlier collaboration: The Post-Digital Membrane: imagination technology and desire, Intellect Books , 2006. Full cv and details of research can be found at

Between 1996 and 2000 he was a regular contributor to Skrien, a Dutch journal of film and television criticism, where he wrote a monthly column on cinema, art and the Internet. His most recent book, in collaboration with Robert Pepperell,. Its associated webpage is at His essay 'More Sign than Star: Diana, Death and the Internet', is published in Stars in Our Eyes - the Star Phenomenon in the Contemporary Era, edited by Angela Ndalianis, (Westport: Praeger, 2002). His most recent major articles include "The Postdigital Analogue and Human Consciousness", Leonardo 35 (2) and "A Taxi Ride to late Capitalism: Hypercapitalism, Imagination and Artificial Intelligence" AI and Society (2002), The Martian in the Multiverse  at,  (2003) "Orai and the Transdiciplinary Wunderkamer." Leonardo, 37 (3) (2003) "d-cinema-déjà-vu." Convergence. (2004) Renaming the Future. Leonardo 37 (2004) 'A Postdigital Universe. Technoetic Arts. (2004).  This year he has published a key article on the connection between cinema and digital media "What Shall We Do With All Those Old Bytes? Saving the Cinematic Imagination in the Postdigital Era." Design Issues. 21 (2).