Consciousness, Literature and the Arts


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Ralph Yarrow , BA Reading, MA, PhD Manchester, Professor in Drama and Comparative Literature, Teacher, writer, director, performer. Publications include: Improvisation in Drama (with A. Frost), Macmillan 1990; European Theatre 1960-90, Routledge 1992; Consciousness, Literature and Theatre: Theory and Beyond (with P. Malekin), Macmillan 1997; Indian Theatre: Theatre of Origin, Theatre of Freedom, Curzon 2000; Plus numerous articles on the functioning of consciousness in reading and theatre, on fantasy, on Modernism: recent contributions include an essay in Critical Spectrum (Ed. B. Chandrika, Papyrus), one in Seagull Theatre Quarterly 13, March 1997, one in Performing Arts International Vol. 1 Part 4, 1999; editing a two-volume issue of Contemporary Theatre Review on ‘Performance and Pre expressivity’(1997); co-editing Lecoq in Britain (Harwood 2000). Directing work (in English and French, in Britain and India) includes Beckett, Ionesco, Genet, Pirandello, Strindberg, Rózewicz, Kokoschka, Dickens, Orton, Pinter, Caryl Churchill.